ME Series Materials Handling Fans

The ME Series Materials Handling Fans are designed to handle all types of materials including dust, grinding, sawdust, wood chips, paper pulp etc.  ME Series,  available in two ranges – RANGE I from 130 mm to 250 mm diameter inlet. RANGE II from 300 mm to 900 mm diameter inlet.

ME Series 6 vane radial impeller 2 copy
ME impeller copy
ma series 5 copy

RANGE I Fan Arrangement 4 ME80 shown with 1.5 Kw motor. Straight spigot connections on inlet and outlet are standard on RANGE I.

Central Coast-20111221-00137 copy

RANGE II Fan Size ME200 V-driven shown with 40 Kw motor mounted on common base. Impellers for all ME Series are individually designed for the product being handled.

ME with outlet silencer and bend c/w lagged case and motor


ME Series hot dip galvanised