Axial-flow Industrial Fans

Refers to fans where the blades/vanes deflect air along (parallel to) the axis of the fan, hence the term “axial”, that is the air flows parallel to the rotation of the axis.  These fans can be powered by air, steam or water (turbine) but also by an engine powered by gasoline, propane or diesel.  They also can be powered or driven by reaction to compressed-air jets.  In this instance, compressed-air driven fans are well suited when needing to remove hazardous fumes or contaminated air from within in confined spaces, where electrical power is not available.

There are 4 types of Axial-flow fans:-

  • Propeller fans (panel fan) – most common and used in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications
  • Tubexial fans – best used for exhausting from an inlet duct
  • Vaneaxial fans
  • Two-stage axial-flow fans – uses series of two fans when a higher static pressure is required, however, can be very  noisy and use excessive speed
axial fan